Of Special Interest

15th April 2011

European banks said to have 1.3tr Euro of non-core assets

PricewaterhouseCoopers estimate that European banks are holding €1.3tr (£1.2tr $1.9tr ¥158tr Y12.3tr) of assets designated as non-core. Bank non-core assets held by country are estimated as:

- 1 German banks with €225bn
- 2 UK banks with €175bn
- 3 Ireland with €110bn
- 4 Spain with €100bn

PwC suggest that the sale of corporate loan books is the most difficult to sell because of the varied nature. It also suggests that different price expectations between buyer and seller and complex due diligence are also reasons for the slow pace of disposals.

The figures were published in advance of a London meeting hosted by PwC with many banks and investment organisations atttending.