Of Special Interest

17th February 2012

Glory ATM manufacturer buys Talaris

Glory, the Japanese ATM and money handling machine maker is to buy Talaris from Carlyle Group for £650m (€779m $1,019m ¥80.0bn Y6,417m). Carlyle bought the unit from De La Rue in September 2008 for £360m.

Talaris, when part of De La Rue created the world's first ATM which was installed at a Barclays branch. Talaris has significant Western banking customers complimenting Glory's strength in Asia Pacific but with little presence in the West. Hirokazu Onoe, Glory President, said the acquisition would provide “a global distribution and maintenance service network..(and) additional solution capabilities, as well as an extensive customer base.”

Carlyle said the deal would ensure the future of Talaris. The manufacturer employs 1,900 in South East England.